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Love story

A time before, was there a woman called “motherin” .she was in love, and her lover was always with her, he was inside her.

Every action he makes, she feels love, but she never sew hem. After nine months, the time to see her lover is arrived. Hours of hard work she sew hem, a beautiful face with a lovely smile.  She smiled a love smile.

Months after, The love voice: “motherin” .she heard it, then she start to dance ,the love dance. Weeks later, the love moved to be near to mothrin, she sew hem, she start to song with love melody. Years of love passed, mothin always with her lover but this is the first time that he will give her a gift, a poem “to you mothrin” when she read what he wrote, he read the answer in her eyes. Decade after, motherin’s lover became better than her exactly as she wish. She was proud of him. mothrin  sew her white hair his body became unhealthy that’s how she knew the travel to ever is near and she can’t be with her lover so she want to see her lover’s new love maybe is the type is different but the target is the same to make the love continual…

BY a motherin’s lover



The Africa flower

The south jewel

The older culture  in the world

Twelve century of love and pride

King after king morocco become good

In the green bank I said my first word

In the symbol of peas I walked

The green march I meant

The origin of the best mind

Tow language we collected

Arabic and her pride

Berber and her old

Don’t miss French, English to the world

People are helpful with whomever in need

Welcome to generosity world

With Moroccan tea and lovely Word

By Asma Elouakiti



The first station

Where you’re by the god

Where your mind, heart are clean of all bad

Just adventure and detection

The second station

Where you are with your mind, heart and history

Where you can take a partner to make your story

You should  Be careful to find a pink station

The last station

Where is pink if great was your work

Where is black if bad was your work

This is our voyage, this is our life

Who planted a thistle find thistle

Who planted a carnation find carnation

By Asma Elouazkiti



11 responses to “Students space

  1. elouazkiti says:

    To access students:
    if some one has some short stories,poems…by himself he can give it to me to put it in students space.

  2. azizmoummou says:

    You can take some from Hello chichaoua blog…no problem
    Start by your poem!!!
    You remember?

  3. Elouazkiti says:

    yes !sure I remember it
    thank you teacher

  4. hajar nmirach says:

    thnx Elouazkiti too much you are a perfect student else friend you remember last year we were too close . By the way i have some poeme i’ll give it to you to put it in here and thnnnx again and again

    • Elouazkiti says:

      thank you my friend haja
      I remember, I can’t forget the best days I spent with you and other girls and I remember your poems too, it was very good I’m going to be happy if I add your poems here.

  5. hajar nmirach says:

    thnx i’ll give it to you inshaellah i have the honor if my poems will be the first in this page . for the next visit byye

  6. Article says:

    I never thought of it that way, well put!

  7. amazing work , Thank you asma

  8. Hello there! Good post! But this webpage is loading incredibly slowly.

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