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happy Valentin day

to day access classes celebrates Valentin day .it was a so beautiful and funny will see details in a special article.

so,welcome again


Happy Mohamed salla lah 3laih w sallam birth day

we will celebrate that special day and which is very important in the Islam history on 12 Rabia Awal 1432  in the Arabic calendar mean on 16 February 2011


Happy News

The end of the 3th turn and the beginning of the 4th turn on 6th February  that’s meaning we are in the medal of the way. congratulations


4 responses to “News

  1. azizmoummou says:

    Great News:

    We will be starting a joint class soon.For group A and B

  2. hajar nmirach says:

    woooow that’ss too coool
    thnx for the news teacher .

  3. azizmoummou says:

    We are looking for happy news ( Tidings).

  4. aziz says:

    this beautiful and i love mohamad Messenger of Allah and thank you for this news

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