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The end of Access program the beginning of successful studentss

 9/3/2012 access students and teachers celebrated Access students graduation with the presence of students’ parents,teachers and directors :Mr abdellah merkokMrbaoham and our guests from delegation of  education in chichaoua and the president of the Association of students’ parents Mr Bonan. as usual access students look  for the summit so they made a rich program for the   party,full of activities and creation .the best thing to start anything is reading some Quran; that what miss hrawa did

 after Quran Mr bougholid took the word to welcome  guests and to talk about the program and his experience 

then Mr Bonan came to stage whom show how chichaoua need like this programs so he thank our teachers with   giving them ,we were pleased with that and proud of our teachers.

after  directors words who are proud of their student as we were proud of their presence 

 don’t forget students,also they have word to say but Mr rachiki said all what we wanted to say ,i thank him

at 3:15 Mr khalil show us a video about access, i congratulate him by the way he is creator

at 15:45 we had fun with singing and music with miss majda hssani,miss chaima and Mr yassir

at 16:10 we took information and listent to access students english language

at 16:40 we traveled with such funy and tragic stories presented on stage 

at 17:35 as students from chichaoua we like our city but few people who detect its beauty, who didn’t,he could today with khalil’s video about chichaouage by Access studentsuage by thier expositions

at 17:50 we should say goodbye we were sad to say this word but i was lighter with miss hrawa’s poem “good bye”hen we learnt to make thing with paper ,the art wich we call origami with Mr kilali 

at 18:00 we started the real celebrating with sweets ,drinks and the Morocan tea

all presents like what we did and all of them congratulated us, if not with words they did with making us see thier smile

I wish Mr Momo and Miss salwa were with us and i would like to say we miss you realy. i would like to congratulate Mr omar who made us the best with being the best scriptwriter and director .finely tha

let’s see this pictures wich will be here in my mind and heartnk you Mr bougholid you are the best you’re all, without you chichaoua wouldn’t see a successful program called” Access”.congratulations all

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