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Health: Health in Ramadan (ppsx)


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do you play sport?

This question as any other one but sometimes is embarrassing but important .to know why we should know the relation between it and health and life.

Sport and diseases

The body like a machine, if we keep it without work we are sure that it will messed. With sport we make all the part of body work: the heart is the stronger muscle in the body, with sport become stronger and blood-vessel what protect us of blood pressure and diabetes

Sport and personality

When we play sport the body consumes the energy in it so we should be patient to continue with less energy, day after day we make the body do more efforts with less energy and to add a positive point to our personality: being patient

Sport and the strong body

With playing sports we make muscles grow up, boons and ligament become stronger. We will not only happy with our health but also with our good look

Sport and the flexible body

Sport make the body stand injuries and fast suffer .if you have a back each or a neck each try to do even some easy actions you will be better.

sport and students

sport is very important for students more than any one especially relaxing exercices 

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when we are in a market the last thing we see it is lentils.why?? I knew the answer, because we don’t know  how it helps us to have a healthy body, let me show you how.

In lentils we have 28% of  brocid and 58% of carbohydrate and 1% of Fat.

Who has Anemia the medicine is the lentils because it made of iron which helps to make the Hemoglobin which is very important to make blood .

For who want to have a healthy skin and good looking you should eat lentils because it made of many vitamins A,B and you can get healthy teeth and a strong  muscles and bones and nervous system  by the quantity of calcium phosphorus.

We said in lentils we have brocid , carbohydrate and Fat and also albumin also as that it’s like meat a complete meal of brocid .

Lentils can help you if you have constipation.

Lentils isn’t good for obese, Kidney patients and who has a weak gut or stomach.

It’s not good to eat it with rice or bread because they  are rich of carbohydrate and the carbohydrate of the lentils is enough or how we say in the Arabic proverb if the thing cross its limits terned to its opposite and the best way to eat lentils is to make it as a soup .


Olives oil

Do you know how olives oil helps you to have a healthy body??

For your heart :in olives oil we have a big density of a fatty acid Oleuropein (oleic acid) which protects your heart against the heart diseases like cholesterol problems Olives oil is plant of vitamin E which helps your arteries tissue to take her vitality We have in olives oil some Anti-oxydantslike vanillic acid asid and verbascoside which addresses arthritis For your

stomach:olives oil protects your stomach against the ulcers

Important:olives oil protects against cancers

Dangerous:don’t cook olives oil because it became dangerous with high temperature

in morocco olives oil with a hot bread and a hot tea the best breakfast in the winter

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