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Marrakch is the third biggest city in morocco and the first touristic one in morocco and it’s one of the best 50 cities in the world. marrakch has been made by the sultan yousef ibn tachfin in 1070. we say marrakech is the world because it is . this word spelled differently in many languages: Marrakech in French ,  Marraquech in Spanish ,Marrakech in Portuguese,  Marrakesch in German and Marakeş in Turkish .Marrakech and Marrakesh both  are correct In English. the word marrakech is formed of 2 amazigh words amor and akoch which mean the land of Allah. these were some information let you with some pictures from marrakech.

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History Makers: Molay IDRIS FIRST

Molay idris first is the first one who made morocco an islamic country . his father abdallah alkamel and his mother atika bent abd almalik. molay idris first has a korachi origin. he was born in 744 . he came first time to walili then he made fez the first morrocan capital  to be brief and don’t talk a lot what make you read a lot so listen

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Free time: Hand made(Origami)

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wise man said: Arrogance.ppsx



Health: Health in Ramadan (ppsx)


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