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on July 27, 2012



10 responses to “ACCESS STORY (POWERPOINT)

  1. Rissay Yassir says:

    Nice Good Job Asma !!

  2. loubna bernoussi says:

    Good job asmaa that’s so nice !!

  3. Habdou says:

    Sorry I tried to see the powerpoit but the download failed. Am trying again right now.

  4. Habdou says:

    Ah. Now I can say you’ve done a beautiful work. The idea you’ve brought is new and creative. Suspense grows bigger as I followed the chapters of the Chichaoua Access Story. I really like it and I give a big hand .. clap clap clap .

    • Elouazkiti says:

      thanks sir i’m proud to read your comment here. always we look for new things this is one and more for later inchalah

      • Zahira says:

        Hi Asma.i really enjoy watching your work it’s out of been describing .It shows that you are a very talented girl who hide many treasures .All access students should pay a big tribute to your hard work .well done Asma thanks a lot you brought me back to great memories .cheers Zahira

      • Elouazkiti says:

        thank you zahira i don’t have still a word after your nice ones. all what i do, i make it with love so it’s not a hard know,you are my treasures,after any event the best thing that we still have are memories, i thank Allah that they were perfect like their makers last 2 years.

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