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the question of the era (??????)

Many people ask about a date that some people put it on norms that we couldn’t know, 2012 so is it true or not?  is it a right question from Muslims? see this video then we comeback

As you saw the norm that who put this lie is to make the world disordered and to stop for a while what make them win a long time for many important things for them. for us as Muslims we shouldn’t ask this question because we are believer that only Allah who knows when the end of the world is ,and also we shouldn’t worry, any time the world must have an end we are ready and we are not scared, just for one cause we are Omat Mohammad Salla Allah alih wa sallam  ,we are Muslims and our perfect is our intercessor  in front of Allah so Alhamdolillah thanks for Allah remember  كذب المنجمون ولو صدقوا i will comeback for this sentence next article Inshalah 


Hey you who think Access students are arrogant

i heard some people say that access students are arrogant. i felt that they were wrong but I thought that it may be wrong feeling because access students are my friends, to be sure i tried to organize a test for them related to our topic arrogance . I showed them that all wises in the world have word in this.

 “English people saidEasy come easy go”
Arrogance diminishes wisdom”
Dine with arrogance, sleep with shame”

. and arabs said

“عجبا لابن ادم يتكبر و أوله نطفة واخره جيفة”

“ليس هناك درجات في الغرور  بل هناك درجات في إخفاءه”

“شعرة رقيقة بين الثقة بالنفس و الغرور”

and this is the test

Do you help your family to prepare meals?

2.Some times
you have a car and a driver do you will sit next to him and ask him about his family?
1.I don’t imagine that
2.May be
If you are with a friend and he talks a lot about his success and project do you will  do the same?
1.Majority of times i will do
3.I don’t think i will do
If you are rich do you will visit your family and friends all the time?
2.I will try
If you have a baby and you should remove his diaper
1.You wait until his mom arrive and you shout on her
2.You try to play with him until his mom come and talk to her
3.You remove it with smile
If you have a problem with a friend then you remark that you’re wrong
1.You will wait until he talk to you then you explain
2.You will ask some one to tell him about your apology
3.You will go and give you apology with your self
your younger brother ask you to give him a cup of water and you’re near to the kitchen
1.You will ignore him
2.You will shout on him saying that he can bring it for him self
3.You give it to him with smile
Do you like people to know what’s you job especially if it’s well?
2.The majority of times
3.Some times
Do you like people to call you doctor sir master …?
2.Depance of who call me
If you are in work and a altercation happened between you and a mate
1.You will tell him that you will tell you friend the director
2.You will leave him
3.You will try to explain the problem
in front of this romantic picture, with all honesty access students  calculated their marks and knew their reselt with miss salwa help 
test reselt 
•Between 10 and 14 you are arrogant and be careful may people hate you
•15 to 18 you’re some how arrogant but you can hid it with your wisdom
•19 to 21 you’re in the medal of arrogance and modesty
•23 to 26 you’re modest and others think that  you are the best with a high behavior
• 27 to 30 you’re soo modest be careful people may inferior you
reselt in access class
the most modest persen fadwa wasif
19 to 21 iman and mohemed mskini
 27 to 30 Hajar Semat,Kaotar Larich,Sanae Imano,Sokaina,Hoda
Bouskri,Manar Amos,Jihan Alawi,Asma Elouazkiti…
the most arrogant person ilias hilmi (15 TO 18)