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happy adha aid

Happy adha feast for all access students and teachers and all Muslims for this occasion I wanted to give you some information about this feast and what we can do and we can’t

In the aid day morning we should bath (الغسل), we wear new cloths or at less clean ones and we wear some perfume (not for women), then we go to the aid prayer, everyone can pray, men; children; women even if there is a reason to don’t do. In the way we congratulate every one with saying «may Allah accept from you and me” and we apologize every one we have a problem with him and we keep say ” Allah is the bigger, Allah is the bigger, no one is god only Allah thanks for Allah” “الله اكبر الله اكبر,لا اله إلا الله الحمد لله”

The feast prayer is without “ikama” and it’s over from the morn to the afternoon, we should listen to the aid speech. after 2 rakaat the imam go fast to slaughter his slaughtered and people too, then we comeback from a different way with the same doing (congratulation, and thanking Allah)

The slaughtered is a gift for the god so not any one is seemly to be a gift for Allah the best gift is a ship but we can slaughter caws or camels but with especial characteristic: The slaughtered must be perfect not sick ,not damaged and not very slim

When we  slaughter we always say Allah is bigger (الله اكبر) because it is gift for Allah not for any one or any thing
Every man can slaughter by the name of his family

We should give a part of the slaughter to poor people and exchange with family and  we can keep a part .

After the slaughter we must protect our environnement
we put the garbage in plastic bags and we protect our sewages.

Happy feast again and have fun with your barbecue and herma as  peolpe of chichaoua.