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After 3 month of relaxing and some boring times we will start the funny ones tomorrow . Im too happy to meet my friends and my teachers again after all this time and to start getting new language rules  with Miss salwa and replay it by speaking and writing with Mr omar .but i’m too sad to see this year pass away and to think that is the last.  I wish we spent the most happy time together we can because we must finish one day .

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when walls talk

fez is one of the oldest cities in morocco what let us see our past by his walls.

fez was created by idris second and he made it a capital in 4 January fez we can find 3 parts, fez elbali (the old fes), fez jdid (the new fez), wich was made in 13th century and elmdina jdida(the new city) wich was made by french in the occupation time.

fez is wonderful city with 500 Km2 and a population of 1968150.don’t forget the old homes and masajid . I will not finish if i tell you all, a picture is worth one thousand words so let you with this pictures

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fez is very beatiful city in morocco, so artists can’t don’t make it a part of thier creations

do you remember that home in the old city

how life has a value,and the quarter and neighbors

and the old people’s gloriously

life was simple and the happyness lasting lasting lasting

that picture is still in my eyes…just yesterday

memories of how the city was and how it became

do you remember that home in the old city

and the space of the fountain do you remember it

wich was near to the river

factories became lot on it

the color of the river changed and they said and allah only know of the cause of it kids became sick and the quarter become empty

do you remember that home in the old city

and EL MESIED that MESIED wich is behind the small path and you can arrive to the big masjid by it

and the smiley teacher may allah give him all the best

that messied was removed and they replace it with an apartment building and every thing has an end

mesied and the apartment building, the path still there and the old masjid also

do you remember that home in the old city

that big home in the quarter start

do you remember CHAMA who was living there

now, this home was devised rooms rooms and they regret but it’s too late

the home was sold devised like that rooms rooms

where are brothers? and where are you CHAMA ?

do you remember that home in the old city

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قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : {من صام رمضان ثم أتبعه ستاً من شوال كان كصيام الدهر} رواه مسلم 

we know well how this few days are many hasanat in our life book, so all moslems go fast to fast them and to get the complet hasanat, what make lot of us have questions but some times we don’t find answers. I was like you but  I ask and I found the answers I wish you find it too in this minutes of reading this article

the first question is from you women and who lost a day from ramadan : wich one should we  fast first the 6th of ramadan or the elimination of what we lost?
the answer in the holy hadit: our messenger says من صام رمضان means who fasted ramadan: all ramadan, so we should fast what we lost of days of ramadan then the 6 th of ramadan.

a very famous question that lot of moslems ask it men and women  do we should fast the 6th of shwal sequentially or separated? 

the answer: there is no problem of this or the other but it’s better to fast them sequentially to don’t be lazy to continue

an other question: do we should fast the first 6th of shwal or any 6th days of it ?

the answer: we can find it in the first question, there is no problem,  fasting the 6th first or the last  are correct

there is some people who want to  get tow birds with only stone, and they fast what they lost of ramadan and the 6th of shwal in the same time. so are they right?
the answer: no they are not, they should start by fasting what they lost then the 6th of shwal.

that’s what i have. don’t forget the 6th of shwal, you still have time, and if some one has an other  questions and he don’t find the answes here he can ask in comment


british idioms

drop the other shoe

to make a expected rest of something

Ex: Mss ftima has problems with his boss. she will drop the other shoe and left his work

fight someone or thing tooth and nail

fighting someone or something with pressed and determination

Ex: the libyan people fight elkadafi tooth and nail

by hook or crook

doing or to get something any way.

Ex: sami want to be rich by hook or crook

spit and image of someone

to say there is a close resemblence between someone and an other

Ex: sara is the spit and the image of his sister

by the sweat of one’s brow

by one’s efforts

Ex : safa got a well grade by the sweat of her brow

till the fat lady sings

to say something exist by a long time

Ex:said asked: morad when will you give me my mony

morad: answer i will not do till the fat lady sing

break out in a cold sweat

we say it when we become afraid or anxious and we we begin to sweat

Ex: in the first day of the exam i broke out in cold

chew the fat or chew the rag

chating or gossiping, talking in things not important

Ex: women chew the fat in the coffe feast

a drop in the ocean

if we get something but its not enough

Ex: nabil know well that 100,000 DH is a drop in the ocean to buy a home

a piece of cake

means a easy thing

Ex: the english exam was apiece of cake

at a loose end

there is nothing to do , to be infront of the lost

Ex:still 4 minutes the red cup is at a loose end

a new lease of life

a new chance to live

Ex: stop smoking give a new lease of life

another string to one’s bow

means doing something can make well

Ex: studing is another string to our bow

go down a treat

doing something perfectly make every one enjoy it

Ex she made a cick and she went down a treat

make a song and dance about something

talking and doing noise about something not important

Ex: I think that women should be serious with ignorance but they make a song and dance about fashion

off one’s own bat

if some one made some thing with himself without asking of anyone

Ex: my sister off her own bat and she choose shoes for me

just the ticket

if something is the perfect thing or if it’s the exact thing that we need

Ex : for students in morocco baccalaureate diploma is just the ticket to have a high study