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some ramadan meals from morocco

on August 18, 2011

 lhrira is the famouse and the principal meal in the moroccan table in ramadan,today i will teach you how to prepare it

to prepare the moroccan soup we need

1/2 kg of meat


one glass of lentils


one glass of chickpeas


one glass of vicia faba


rice or pasta


a minced onion


5 ground tomatoes


one spoon of conserve tomatoes




and the important thing celery


one glass of oil


boiled water


white flour


for peaces we need




black pepper


food coloring or turmeric





in a pressure cooker we put the meat,Lentils, chickpeas,vicia faba ,minced onions, the ground tomatoes ,conserve tomatoes, coriander and celery then we put peaces (Salt, black pepper, food coloring or turmeric) then about 2 L of boiled water and we close the cooker untill the meat to be mature for about 1 hour

we prepare a light dough with flour and water to get this




we add to the soup some rice or pasta then we put the light dough and we let it on fire for 30 min

then we present it with lemon like this


2 responses to “some ramadan meals from morocco

  1. Hoda BOUSSEKRI says:

    now i know how i prepar lhrira

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