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do you know what does it mean the arabic months?

on August 16, 2011

moharam(محرم) means prohibited : old arabic people call it like this because they prohibit wars on it.
safar(صفر) means Immigration: in this month arabs travel to work and to buy what they need
rabia elawal and rabia tan(ربيع الاول و ربيع الثاني او الاخر) : mean spring, it was spring when they call them.
jomada elola and jomada tania(جمادى الاولى وجمادى الثانية) mean frozen: it was winter when they call them.
rajab (رجب) means sanctification: old arabic great it by stoping fighting or any bad thing.
chaaban(شعبان) means seperation: in this month old arabic seperate to go working.
ramadan(رمضان) means the hot temperature.
shawal (شوال) means drought: old arabic give it a name when camel stop giving milk.
the kiada(ذو القعدة) means seating: it was like a holiday for the old arabs.
the hija(ذو الحجة) means orientation: (orientation to makka for El haj).


One response to “do you know what does it mean the arabic months?

  1. Hoda BOUSSEKRI says:

    woow !! great i have never knew that

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