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I miss you

on August 8, 2011

I miss my class ,my classmates,my teachers …for that i publish to day a nice lesson that we saw before :”english proverbs”. i wish you had well summer holiday and happy ramadan.

A house is not a home

realy the house is not the home,the home with people who live in it we call it house and the empty is home

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

i think you don’t need a explication for that the little knowledge is realy a big problem

A word to the wise is enough

After a storm comes a calm

after problems in life the end must come

All things must come to an end

good or bad things must arrive to an end .we feel that the end of the good thing comes faster because no one want to stop live happy times and the contrary for the bad things

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

who is nice see all things beautiful and nice

Better safe than sorry

we say this proverb when we do a wrong thing or some one else if we didn’t do it i dont need to try fixe it

Cold hands, warm heart

if we dont have any thing we become more hard-working

Easy come, easy go

First come, first served

Good talk saves the food

Between the devil and the deep sea

if you have many problems and you dont have anyway to escape you must fight

A burnt child dreads fire


One response to “I miss you

  1. Hoda BOUSSEKRI says:

    HI!! we miss you . i knew lot of informations from you

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