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Singing legend

on June 28, 2011

in history we talked about fighters,kings,writers,but we have never talked about artists

i choosed for that a real artist of history,he is in all american and people mind,he sang ,danced,wrote and acted too .his death was a shock for all the world and a lose in the art world. I’m sure that you know who i talk about.


he is michael joseph jackson,who is known by mickael jackson and king of pop .michael jackson was born in 29 august ,1958 in gary,in gary,indiana,US. he is the eighth one in the simple family of  joseph jackson his brothers Jermaine,Teto and Jacky were working in a art group make shows in bars and nightclubs .in 1963 michael jackson became a member in this group with a other brother to call it later jackson 1967 michael will be the most important member .in 1969 jackson 5 moved to california to live there and to get more chance to fame, michael jackson made his first singel with barry jordy help “i want you back “

in 1971 michael  started his own way by the song “got to be there”.

after that michael jackson became a famaus artist and the king of pop.not only that but he tried acting too .he acted in” free to be …you and me” in 1974 “ghsts” in 1996,” this is it” in 2009 and others.

Michel had a special color but he will lost it after he was sick .michel jackson dead in 25 jun 2009 what still not clear when they know that he died of cause of a overdosage of medicine and they accused his doctor who denied his responsibility and he say on his Lawyer tong that can be michael jackson sucide.

michael jackson still the best singer in the world in the twentieth century by 700 millions of sales just in his life , 100 million dollar in one year and 20 record in guinness book .


5 responses to “Singing legend

  1. Habdou says:

    Salam Asma.

    First, I would like to congratulate you for having finished the exams which I wish from all my heart had been easy.
    Second, I appreciate your hard work and effort to afford these articles for your teachers and colleagues to enjoy. I liked your choice because Michael was and still is a suspensful misterious person even after his death. Keep on working and we’ll be waiting for your next publications. Good luck.

    • Elouazkiti says:

      thank you Mr omar for your congratulations,the exam was good and we wish we got a marke better than it. I still have more figures you will like it so just be on here. 🙂

  2. azizmoummou says:

    brilliant Asma…You could write an article about you…

    • Elouazkiti says:

      hi Mr aziz
      i wish you liked the blog in the new look
      your idea(writing a article about me) is well i like it,but i don’t know if it will be easy for me,what i can tell you that i will try. I’m always waiting my teachers comments :). and i wish i read my classmate ones too

  3. Hoda BOUSSEKRI says:

    hello !! miss asma .Thank you for your surprises .you are the best student. we are proud of you.

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