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Alawi family

on February 10, 2011

We have in morocco a king, his majesty the king mohamed 6, he is  from the alawi family.

the first king from alawi family whom made the alaoui state morocco is Molay ali shrif.

He is molay ali  ben elhasan ben abd allah shrif. He was born in 1589. He had a knowledge, he was traveling  to other countries to learn.He was the first king of morocco from this family.

then the king mohemed ben ali shrif .He was the king of morocco from 1664

Then the king molay rshid ben ali whom was king from 1664 until1672

Then the king molay ismail ben ali whom was king from 1672 until1727.

Molay ahmed ben ismail is the king whom was next molay ismail ben ali .he was king from 1727 until 1728.

Molay abd malek ben smail , Molay ahmed ben ismail’s brother .He was the king  from 1728 until 1729.

Molay abd allah ben smail ,molay ahmed and malek ben smail’s brother.He was the king from 1729 until 1757.

Molay ali ben smail was the king of morocco.

and others. until now  we have 22 kings in Morocco history.And now we  have the king his majesty the king Mohamed 6 after his father molay hasan 2 and his grandfather Mohamad 5.


3 responses to “Alawi family

  1. Yassine says:

    well done asma 🙂

  2. Elouazkiti says:

    thank you yassin to read my articles.
    and also to learn me how to put smiles like this really thank you 🙂 and it’s for you.

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