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on February 4, 2011

when we are in a market the last thing we see it is lentils.why?? I knew the answer, because we don’t know  how it helps us to have a healthy body, let me show you how.

In lentils we have 28% of  brocid and 58% of carbohydrate and 1% of Fat.

Who has Anemia the medicine is the lentils because it made of iron which helps to make the Hemoglobin which is very important to make blood .

For who want to have a healthy skin and good looking you should eat lentils because it made of many vitamins A,B and you can get healthy teeth and a strong  muscles and bones and nervous system  by the quantity of calcium phosphorus.

We said in lentils we have brocid , carbohydrate and Fat and also albumin also as that it’s like meat a complete meal of brocid .

Lentils can help you if you have constipation.

Lentils isn’t good for obese, Kidney patients and who has a weak gut or stomach.

It’s not good to eat it with rice or bread because they  are rich of carbohydrate and the carbohydrate of the lentils is enough or how we say in the Arabic proverb if the thing cross its limits terned to its opposite and the best way to eat lentils is to make it as a soup .


4 responses to “Lentils

  1. Yassine says:

    Very good article Asma. keep up the good work 😉

  2. azizmoummou says:

    Hi Asma:

    That’s something I’ve never heard of…Yassine will agree,thanks for encouragements Yassine!!!
    Good use of photos,if just you can put bigger ones as they are mor attractive.

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