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Stephen Crane

He is one of the best american writers, he is the Impressionism writer.he is not only a writer but he is a poet and a journalist as well.

He is Stephen crane,he was born on 1 November 1871 in New Jersey where he spent hes childhood,he is the presbyter Jonathan Townley Crane and Mary Helen Peck Crane’s son he had 14 brother 5 of them were died in the childhood and his father when he was just 8 years old .

He start writing in an early age :4 years old ,and he wrote his first article when he was 19 years old in his school magazine  about the explorer “Henry Morton Stanley “

Stephen crane stared his work as a journalist in new York  in 1892 then he publish  his famous short story Maggie: A Girl of the Streets in 1893 and his famous roman The Red Badge of Courage about the civil war in 1895 .

The Creativity was always with stephen crane. in 1896 he traveled to Cuba in the way the ship was sinking after 36 hours just three  person  who Survived then stephen crane wrote this adventure in his novel The Open Boat and Other Tales in 1898.

Stephen crane wrot lot of novels and poems before he died June 5, 1900 in Badenweiler someones of them:


  • Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, New York, 1893
  • the red badge of courage, New York,1895
  • George’s Mother, New York,  1896
  • The Third Violet, New York, 1897
  • Active Service, New York, 1899
Story collection
  • The Open Boat and Other Tales of Adventure, New York, Doubleday & McClure, 1898
  • The Monster and Other Stories, New York, in1899
  • Wounds in the Rain: War Stories, New York, in 1900

Poetry collections

  • The Black Riders and Other Lines,  1895
  • War is Kind, New York,in 1899
  • R. W. Stallman, Stephen Crane: A Critical Bibliography, Iowa State University in1972
  • Ames William Williams, Stephen Crane: A Bibliography, New York, in 1970


Alawi family

We have in morocco a king, his majesty the king mohamed 6, he is  from the alawi family.

the first king from alawi family whom made the alaoui state morocco is Molay ali shrif.

He is molay ali  ben elhasan ben abd allah shrif. He was born in 1589. He had a knowledge, he was traveling  to other countries to learn.He was the first king of morocco from this family.

then the king mohemed ben ali shrif .He was the king of morocco from 1664

Then the king molay rshid ben ali whom was king from 1664 until1672

Then the king molay ismail ben ali whom was king from 1672 until1727.

Molay ahmed ben ismail is the king whom was next molay ismail ben ali .he was king from 1727 until 1728.

Molay abd malek ben smail , Molay ahmed ben ismail’s brother .He was the king  from 1728 until 1729.

Molay abd allah ben smail ,molay ahmed and malek ben smail’s brother.He was the king from 1729 until 1757.

Molay ali ben smail was the king of morocco.

and others. until now  we have 22 kings in Morocco history.And now we  have the king his majesty the king Mohamed 6 after his father molay hasan 2 and his grandfather Mohamad 5.



when we are in a market the last thing we see it is lentils.why?? I knew the answer, because we don’t know  how it helps us to have a healthy body, let me show you how.

In lentils we have 28% of  brocid and 58% of carbohydrate and 1% of Fat.

Who has Anemia the medicine is the lentils because it made of iron which helps to make the Hemoglobin which is very important to make blood .

For who want to have a healthy skin and good looking you should eat lentils because it made of many vitamins A,B and you can get healthy teeth and a strong  muscles and bones and nervous system  by the quantity of calcium phosphorus.

We said in lentils we have brocid , carbohydrate and Fat and also albumin also as that it’s like meat a complete meal of brocid .

Lentils can help you if you have constipation.

Lentils isn’t good for obese, Kidney patients and who has a weak gut or stomach.

It’s not good to eat it with rice or bread because they  are rich of carbohydrate and the carbohydrate of the lentils is enough or how we say in the Arabic proverb if the thing cross its limits terned to its opposite and the best way to eat lentils is to make it as a soup .