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What is the matter???

on January 9, 2011

What is the matter? You think that is a simple but a stupid question .but the reality is the opposite. How???

The matter is everything has a mass, volume, a density and tike place in the space.

The first question make us ask another question: what are the Components of matter?

Some Greek philosophers think about what is going to happen if we take some matter and make it milled to be a fine powder ,some ones said we can make it more and more fine and some others said how long time and what we use to make it fine we are going to get a fine powder we can’t found anything more finer than it and they call one part in this powder “atoms” is meaning in Greek language “impossible to devise it” and what we call it now” jozaia” in Arabic and molecules in English so who was right???

On 1803 Jon Dalton found a thing in matter smaller then molecules

The smaller part in the matter is not molecules but the atom so.what is “Atom”?

Atom is the smaller part in the matter and which retains the chemical properties of the matter. In the atom we find the Nucleus with a positive charge but not all it, in the nucleus we find tow part protons with a positive(+) charge and Neutrons without    charge, wound this nucleus a Cloud of electrons with a Negative(-)charge

Atom is smaller than watch it with our eyes and also with this microscope

So now we remark “what is the matter “is not a small question. and all that is just a small part of large knowledge about matter in sciences . we are going to talk about this next time.


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