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Olives oil

Do you know how olives oil helps you to have a healthy body??

For your heart :in olives oil we have a big density of a fatty acid Oleuropein (oleic acid) which protects your heart against the heart diseases like cholesterol problems Olives oil is plant of vitamin E which helps your arteries tissue to take her vitality We have in olives oil some Anti-oxydantslike vanillic acid asid and verbascoside which addresses arthritis For your

stomach:olives oil protects your stomach against the ulcers

Important:olives oil protects against cancers

Dangerous:don’t cook olives oil because it became dangerous with high temperature

in morocco olives oil with a hot bread and a hot tea the best breakfast in the winter

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The green march

El Massira el khadra “the green march” was in the Moroccan Sahara on 6 November was organized by the King Hassan II to Retrieval the Sahara from the Spanish occupation

Her name the “green march” is a symbol for Islam and peace.

350000 is the number of participants from all Moroccans cities that is showing how this march was successful.

This event is now a part of Morocco history; every 6 November all Moroccan people celebrated this event

  • the green march a beautiful view

In the green march all participants was carrying Moroccan flags and Quran without arms. it was a impressive landscape and indicates the peace and also the participants was from the people

  • The green march and the people

The green march is in the money paper 100 DH

Who was born in the green march time “1975” is in his family history, some girls which were born in this time there name is “MSSIRA”.

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